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2013-2014 NAPLEX Review Courses - Have Moved!

Due to the growth and success of our NAPLEX Review Courses, an affiliated company has taken them over to be a part of other review courses.  The faculty will remain the same and quality of the content has not changed.  You can find more information about up coming NAPLEX Review Courses for 2013-2014, by going to High-Yield MED Reviews.  

NAPLEX Review Courses

High-Yield MED Reviews is an independent medical education company that provides high level reviews for board and specialty exams for all major healthcare professionals.  In addition, High-Yield MED Reviews also offers an advanced computer testing system called "Q-Bank & Flashcard Databases" that offers healthcare professionals access to practice test questions for those preparing for board and specialty exams, including the NAPLEX exam.  For more information about High-Yield MED Reviews Q-Bank & Flashcard Databases please click here   

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